Monday, October 8, 2012

Chalk paint kitchen cupboards

Our main project for the working weekend was to repaint the kitchen cupboards. They were a basic builder's brown, which was not my favorite. We used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey with a Soft Wax finish. This paint was marvelous. We were able to paint all the cabinets with two coats and the wax finish in only two days. If we had to paint the cabinets the standard way with latex paint (sand, prime, etc.), we would have never finished. But more importantly, I really loved the soft warm finish of the chalk paint. It gives the right modern-cabin vibe to the kitchen. 

We removed one cabinet door and created open shelves in the corner, as you can see in both pictures. I used this paintable wallpaper to create a beadboard look at the back of the new shelf. I am very pleased with the final result! Now I just need cute jars to fill the shelves. 

These aren't fantastic pictures, mainly because I was so focused on painting that I waited until late Sunday night to take them and the light was bad. But we still have a ways to go on the kitchen (new sink, new countertops), so there will definitely be better pictures to come.     

I bought the chalk paint, brushes and wax from an on-line store in Wisconsin called My Table. I did not know how much paint to order, so I just bought a bunch. The owner emailed me to be sure I had the right quantity (I didn't, I had over-bought), which was extremely nice. She helped me figure out how much paint I really needed, adjusted my order and refunded the difference. Good customer service is so refreshing. If you need a web source for chalk paint, this is a good one.


  1. so did you sand your cabinets before hand? and did you distress them as well? looks good!! :) im thinking of doing the same.. but I dont want to distress the cabinets... so I was looking for a distress free picture! looks great!

  2. No sanding at all! That was the beautiful part. And I did not distress them.